Fulfilling a dream, Lily O’Malley moves to Paris, France, a place she has always wanted to live. After a busy year of settling in, a vacation is much needed. She makes up her mind to visit her college roommate who lives in Warsaw, Poland.

She has always denied being clairvoyant. However, riding on the night train from Paris to Warsaw, she experiences an unexplained vision—her first in many years. She is drawn into the dark past of another time—the era the Nazis occupied Poland during World War II.

Facing frightening situations, she meets a handsome stranger, French Diplomat, Pierre Girard, who fights with and trains Polish resistance workers. She wants to become involved with the effort to help rescue the Jews and others the Nazis consider to be undesirable. Pierre flies Lily to London, England to train to be anything needed to defeat the German enemy.

As a witness to the ravaged landscape, treachery and violence of World War II and the 1940s in Poland, she travels from the Baltic Sea to the Tatra Mountains with the Partisans. Lily knows she will always remember the people she worked to save from the concentration camps and death and the friends she made. She refuses to concentrate on the bad memories competing for the space the good ones are trying to occupy.


VIOLET, a time travel/romantic suspense novel, is book one in the series In Our Mother’s Garden.

Fifteen years ago a tragic mistake sent Violet O’Malley running from her home, a weathered Victorian mansion in Bar Harbor, Maine, built just before the Civil war, to a new life in New York City.

When she receives a plea from her mother to return home for the annual Memorial Day celebration, she agrees, with trepidation, to put aside her differences and visit for the holiday.

At a young age, she discovered she was clairvoyant. Not to be an embarrassment to her family, she learned to keep her apparitions a secret. On her visit, she uncovers a diary written by the daughter of the original owner of the house and the ghosts become real again.

During a search for gold, rumored to be hidden on the grounds of her home by Confederate soldiers as they escaped through Maine to Canada, Violet barely escapes from kidnappers and becomes enmeshed in cold-blooded murder.

She enlists the help of Jeremy Buchanan, the man who disappointed her years ago. Rekindling their love is the furthest thing from her mind, when Jeremy declares his desire for her to let go of the past and begin again. As he helps her expose the secrets of both the living and the dead, will Violet be able to deny the reawaking of the passion she felt so many years ago?


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IT STARTED WITH FORBIDDEN LOVE, a time travel/romantic suspense novel, is set in present day Ireland and back in time to the mid eighteen hundreds when the famine almost destroyed the people of the Emerald Isle. It is a tale of romance and intrigue.

When Logan Fitzgerald, investigative reporter, discovers tantalizing clues to her past in her great-great-grandmother’s diary, she’s inspired to plan a trip to the Emerald Isle and the small village with a link to this past. Will her visit to the lush green hills of Ireland uncover the past?

Love is the furthest from her mind when she meets Quinn O’Rourke, Lord of Clermont Castle, and enlists his help in solving the mystery surrounding her family. Quinn, enthralled by her beauty and friendliness jumps at the chance to help. 

Logan confesses she’s clairvoyant—called “The Sight” by the Irish—and believes in the unbelievable. She feels she’s protected by the shape-shifters—a wereraven and a leprechaun— and realizes the castle holds more than a mystery from the past; it holds lies, secrets, and cold-blooded murder from both the living and the dead.

Will Logan and Quinn uncover the truth and conquer evil? Will their mutual attraction turn into a passion neither can deny as they share the magic of Ireland?   


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IT HAPPENED YESTERDAY is a time travel/romantic suspense novel. The story takes the reader through Italy in present day and back to the time of the Roman Emperors during the first century.

The serene surroundings of Tuscany, Italy, where the residents enjoy a glass of wine and a plate of pasta among the cypress trees, olive groves and vineyards, are about to change.

When Vicky Amari, FBI agent, travels to Italy on vacation and meets Tony Vega, a detective with the Italian National Police, love is the furthest thing from her mind. After he enlists her help in an investigation, the door to the past is ripped open. She realizes the icy chills that run up her spine have nothing to do with the temperature, but with her travel back to the first century where she meets a gladiator who accidently returns with her to modern day.

As the three unite to explore the disappearance of irreplaceable Etruscan antiquities, drug smuggling and cold-blooded murder, they become enmeshed in the inescapable web of lies and secrets of well-known citizens of an Italian hill town.

With the last days of her vacation fast approaching, Vicky helps the gladiator return to 88 AD. She realizes her life has changed in unexpected ways, and that she and Tony have developed a closeness neither wishes to give up.




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    DEGREES OF WICKEDNESS, a romantic suspense, is set in Vermont in the late twentieth century.  Innkeeper, Zoe Darden becomes involved in the investigation of the murder of her friend, a monk, at the priory in rural Preston, Vermont and the mysterious events that threaten to destroy her inn, The Gables.

       She stumbles on the unsolved murder of a British industrialist in the Bahamas in 1943 and the dubious ownership of his art and antiques that disappeared when he died and have been traced to the Preston area.

        Michael Cavanaugh leaves the stress of being a New York City detective and becomes Chief of Police in Preston. The death of the monk drags him back into the world of murder and intrigue. He suspects Zoe may be involved in the murder and is thrilled when he discovers his suspicions are unfounded.

        As events begin to spiral out of control, Zoe and Michael work together to chase every shadow and lead in pursuit of the killer.






        BEYOND THE MIST,  a time travel/romantic suspense, is set in present day France and the time during the French Revolution when blood ran down the streets of Paris

       It revolves around the discovery of Alexandra Pirrot’s family history and the people and places she encounters on her journey.

      Alexandra feels a chill along her spine, dread, and a sudden drop in temperature as she begins her trip to France and the chateau she believes belongs to her family.

      Her trip turns into a confusing distortion of time when she meets a jewel encrusted and nobly dressed eighteenth century woman, an apparition, who begs for help to right the injustices her family suffered during the French Revolution.

      Alexandra discovers her amethyst ring is the catalyst that allows her to move back and forth through the centuries and become part of the unspeakable horrors of 1789. She is able to help an aristocrat escape Madame Guillotine and to help another find peace and to cross over.

      The last thing she expects is that she will find a lover, Jean Paul Morneau. When he is added to the mix, two sets of footprints travel back in time. Together Jean Paul and Alexandra chase every shadow and pursue every lead into betrayal, conspiracy, and murder.

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