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We are ready to work with you to create an advertising program to maximize your sales.

Over the last two years www.chanz.tv has grown from 5 shows to over 40.  During this time ChanZ.tv has seen its audience grow from a scattered few a month, to a hundred a day.  This audience is primarily in the United States, but has spread throughout the web to viewers in other countries.

Currently we receive over 2,000 hits a day.

Currently ChanZ.tv has the opportunity to provide the web with hundreds of programs and thousands of hours of episodes.  However, to do so would require unlimited bandwidth of transfer.

This bandwidth costs money.

A few months ago we at ChanZ.tv looked over the past two years data, formulating a theory we realigned our operation and strategic focus.  The theory that was proposed has now begun to be proven true.   Our viewer ship has grown dramatically over the last month.

“We at ChanZ.tv can become a leader in the future of television.  However with success comes responsibility and ChanZ.tv has begun to approach it bandwidth limit.  Therefore to support the incoming TV shows and episodes, to grow our viewer ship, we need the $$ necessary to do so.  Therefore we are asking for your help in these matters.  While we will gladly accept donations they will not be enough.  Our strategic plan calls for advertisers or sponsors.

As someone who believes that this is a great site, good idea, and a cool page, that you see that potential of this site, we therefore are asking your help to reach this potential.  Please think about whom you know or who you know who might know a person or company that spends money on advertising.  Then please sit them down and show them this site and explain to them that by spending their advertising dollars they can reach a nation wide audience and even an international audience.  If they do business on the web, or sell their product or service nationally, then they have exposure to an international market.  Ands we can help them grow.

We would glad to help you convince them.  And we can work with you and them to create a plan that will earn and save them sales dollars, please email us at:


Or call: (919) 593-528



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